Wednesday, August 11, 2010

China Floods Worsening; American media failure

Fresh Rains Threaten China Landslide Rescue Effort - BBC News

Over 700 dead so far, with many more bodies likely to be discovered. Over 1,000 other people missing. "Epidemic prevention specialists" are in the area to try to stop outbreaks of infectious disease, which are already infecting people forced to drink contaminated water from the floods.

Three more days of torrential rain is forecast, to make things worse.

BBC News doesn't usually explicitly link disasters like this and the Pakistan floods to the predicted effects of climate change, as they should. But at least BBC News covers the stories of the disasters with the attention they deserve. We are witnessing confirmation that our old climate is gone; and scary to think that this "new" climate is the best we are ever likely to see.

The NY Times online this morning has no prominent stories on these disasters. The American public is woefully ignorant of how our climate is changing, and this is why. Our mass media are failing to report on the most important story for every American to understand. Like the invasion of Iraq, blood on their hands here too. I doubt they'll ever admit their failure, even once we all see clearly how irreversible and pitiful this all this. After all, they had to report both sides.

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